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Keeping the kids entertained and busy is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. When there are no after school clubs or birthday parties to go to these are the things we go to first.

1. Bake something

Cup cakes and cookies are really easy and a great way to stretch their imaginations, what flavours and decorations they choose and experiment with can start them on a road to gastronomic excellence. Just make sure they’re learning how to do the washing up too!

2. Scavenger hunt

Whether it’s around the house or in the garden, it doesn’t have to be Easter to have a scavenger hunt. Leave a trail of treats around the house and send them off hunting. How hard you make them to find depends on how long you need to keep them occupied for! Have some extra treats put to one side just to make sure everyone gets an equal share at the end.

3. Write a story

Writing a story really is the broadest way of opening up children’s’ imaginations. There are no limitations, literally anything can happen! Heroes, villains, monsters, aliens, swords and ray guns are all on the table. It can be a really fun incite into how they think and what they find exciting.

4. Read a book

If they haven’t got the energy to write their own story have them read somebody else’s. It’s a less demanding way of exploring their minds eye and as we all know it’s a nice quiet activity. Peace and quiet in a house with children, is a highly prized commodity. So be sure to keep a few good books around at all times for when it’s raining outside.

Reading can be a challenging habit to instil in a child but if you can it’s a great thing for them to carry through their lives. Many aspects of their professional lives and possibly higher education will come so much easier if reading is something that they do anyway. The alternative being that they have to train themselves to do it later in life.

5. Get them drawing

Drawing is often one of the most direct ways for people, young and old, to express themselves. The possibilities for subjects are endless and things drawn straight from the imagination are often the most fun. Having a variety of mediums can also help to keep things interesting.  

6. Play truth or dare

This is a great way for you and your kids to bond they can learn things about you and your life before they came along and you can get all of the juicy gossip from the playground!

7. Chalk up the pavement

Get hold of some colourful sticks of chalk and get drawing. On the pavement on the wall, whether it’s inspirational messages or beautiful artwork, this activity gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a different environment and in a way that lots of people will see.

8. Play hide and seek

How good of a seeker you are often depends on how much time you want to kill. Seeing a child shaped crease in the curtain and looking the other way whilst you sneak off to make a coffee is perfectly acceptable.

9. Do a walking challenge

Make a list of animals and items to see on a walk around your neighbourhood, the first one to tick everything off of the list is the winner. Split off into teams and go for it. You can do this in a park, in the woods or just on your block. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours on a nice day.

10. Set up a tent in the garden

Camping in the garden is a really fun way to change up the routine. It’s a big adventure within the safe confines of the family home. They’ll need supplies to get them through the night a torch, some snacks and all of the camping essentials!

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