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Being known as someone that brightens up the lives of others is rewarding in more ways than you might imagine.

Not only are you spreading a little joy, you get to feel good about yourself too! 

If we all try, we might be able to create a positive karma feedback loop that keeps us all smiling so much our faces start to hurt (we can definately think of worse problems to have).

So if you’re looking for ways to contribute to the happiness of the human race why not start with these simple steps: 

1. Buy a coffee for somebody

We’re starting off this list with advice for how you should start your day tomorrow. The next time you’re grabbing a coffee on your way to work, why not grab one for a colleague too?

2. Always bring snacks

Whenever we visit family or friends, bringing food is a must! Whether it’s a cake you bake or some muffins that you buy, nobody is ever sad to see you arrive with a tasty treat.

3. Smile like you’re having your picture taken

When you smile, so do others around you. It’s an infectious act that helps others feel the joy.

4. Address people by their names

Take the time to address people properly in conversation, whether it’s with them or about them. It’s a personal touch that makes people feel noticed and important.

5. Ask someone how they’re doing

Forget the small talk and really ask someone about their life. It’s a simple gesture that gives them the opportunity to genuinely communicate.

6. Laugh, without inhibition

Laughing really is contagious and the bigger the laugh the wider it will spread.

7. Send a letter that you wrote by hand

Taking the time to hand write a letter to a loved one is a real act of care and kindness. It goes a great deal further than a text message and can really leave someone with a sense of worth and connection. This is the kind of gesture that won’t be forgotten.

Now it’s time for the three best compliments you can pay somebody. If you want to brighten somebody’s day with a single sentence then here’s how!

  1. ”Your outfit looks great!”


You’ll notice that after hearing this most people will walk with their head held high and an extra pep in their step.

  1. “You’re my favourite kind of person”

Complimenting someone’s character is one of the most personal compliments you can pay. How you follow this one up is down to how well you know the person in question but taking the time to talk about the kind of person they are is sure to leave them feeling valued.

  1. “I really like the way you did that”


If somebody tries something new, extend a word of praise to help reinforce that. It can take a bit of courage for us to try new things in life and helping each other feel better about it will only lead to new challenges being overcome.

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