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Christmas and New Years should be all about family, food and taking a break. Unfortunately, though, for many, the weeks leading up to them and the days themselves can be a source of immense stress.

Whether it’s overindulging, spreading yourself too thin across a long list of social engagements, or the daunting task of cramming three generations into the house and having to cook for them all. There are more ways than you might think to find yourself worn out and fed up by New Year’s Day.

The list below won’t take all of that away but if you can stick to these simple pointers then you might have a chance of keeping it together!

1. Spread the cost

Financial worries are a feature of the festive period for many of us. We want to give our children everything that they’ve put on their Christmas wish list, but we don’t want to be taking out credit cards to make it happen!

Start early and spread the cost of Christmas across the months leading up to it. Start picking up smaller gifts for people in October and by mid December you’ve already done all of your Christmas shopping.


2. Make time for some peace and quiet

This one really is an essential, as much as we love our great aunties, even on Christmas day, it’s important to have some time to yourself. Volunteer to walk the dog, wait until everyone else is asleep and you can have a quiet cup of tea in the kitchen. No TV, no music, just you in the moment.

3. Be organised

Having a game plan will really help everything to run more smoothly. A timescale for present buying, wrapping, Christmas card posting and all the rest. Your children shouldn’t be the only ones making lists during the festive period.

Cooking Christmas dinner should be a smooth, carefully planned, military style operation, well, it could be a bit more like that than last year anyway.

4. Pay attention to your mental health

Whatever routine you have in place for your mental wellness, don’t break it! Whether you like to meditate, draw or do yoga, make sure you keep doing those things even though you’ve got more to do than usual. Staying on track with you routines will give you a feeling of control and balance in your life that will help you tackle the big jobs.

5. Listen to your body

Just because Uncle John is going to fill his plate twice at the dinner table, doesn’t mean that you have to! Don’t find yourself bloated and lethargic with a mountain of washing up to do.

Alcohol consumption is also an important thing to keep a handle on. If you’re feeling a bit run down from the demands of the season, there is no shame in having a soft drink. You’re still at the party and seeing friends and family, just without the hangover afterwards!



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