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Family and cake is recipe for a great night in!

Each week let a different member of the family choose a recipe for you to bake together. It’s fun, educational and you get delicious treats at the end of it!

Brilliant for getting the family working together but not so good for the old waistline….

1. The Great Family Bake Off

We’re so used to turning away compliments and being modest that Positive Affirmations can feel quite strange at first. But don’t let this get in the way!

Set aside 60 seconds to look at yourself in the mirror and repeat a handful of positive statements about yourself. This helps to take away from all the negatives around us and really focus on the things we like about ourselves and the things we have to be thankful for

2. Get Gardening

Whether you have outdoor space or not, growing herbs and vegetables can be a super fun family activity.

Teach your children about the environment while getting muddy! They can watch the plants grow whilst also creating precious memories.

3. Family Fortune

Building forts really lets children’s imagination go wild so pull out old throws and blankets and create a miniature city for your little ones to play in.

Setting challenges for children to make different structures can really get their thinking caps on or you could even set up a projector underneath the blankets for a fun twist on movie night.


4. Games night

Who doesn’t love board games? Get out some family favourites and some delicious snacks and settle in for a night of entertainment.

Boardgames are great for rainy days and a super easy way to get your family together.

Remember to keep the competition light, we don’t want any arguments!

5. Family Fashion Show

Let the family rummage through each others wardrobes and put on a family fashion show.

You could set different themes each week and challenge everyone to come up with different looks.

Put on some funky music, set up a catwalk in the living room and strut your stuff!

You could even do a photo shoot, just think of the family photo albums!

6. Make a Time Capsule

We all remember these from our childhood TV shows like Blue Peter!

Creating a Time Capsule can be a really lovely way to create memories with your family.

Ask everyone to pick 2 items that encapsulate our current time and pack everything up in a box. You could even write notes to your future selves!

Find a place to bury it in the garden or even just pop it somewhere safe in the house then choose a date in the future to open it. It’s a great way to bring the family together and you get the added bonus of nostalgia when you finally get to break the box open!

7. Arts and Crafts

Let’s get our creative juices flowing with a family craft night!

Set up a table with your families favourite arts and crafts and let their imaginations run. It could be finger painting, making your own stamps, modelling clay or even making greeting cards.

Is there a birthday or celebration coming up? Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful of all so get the children to come up with some ideas for presents. You can bet Grandad would like that so much more than another pair of socks!

8. School Disco

Do you remember how much fun school discos were?! Dancing away to cheesy music with your friends are some of the best memories.

Decorate a room with some paper-chains or streamers and turn the lights down low. Let everyone line up their favourite songs and dance the night away!

9. Talent Show

Showcase your natural talent by putting on a family talent show.

Each member of the family can put on their best performance and show of their skills. It could be singing, dancing, magic or even telling jokes.

You never know you might have the next x-factor winner in your house!

10. Dinner Party

Dinner parties don’t just have to be for grown ups!

Make a night out of a family dinner by assigning different tasks to the members of your family. One person could be in charge of making invitations, decorating the table or making canapés.

A simple meal can be made so much more if you make a big deal out of it. You could ask everyone to get dressed up to make it more special and even make little menus!

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